Selected Writing

Journal Articles
Yee, Marcus. “Mobilizing Hong Kong: Nuclear Anxiety and Mass Protest against the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant (1979-1986).” Journal of Asian Studies (In press).

Yee, Marcus, and Jed O. Kaplan. “Drivers of Urban Heat in Hong Kong over the Past 116 Years.Urban Climate 46 (2022): 101308.

Conference Papers 
Yee, Marcus. “Flight’s Frictions: Surfacing Airport Ecologies in the British Empire.” Harvard Film and Visual Studies Graduate Conference 2023.

Yee, Marcus. “Hong Kong in Deep Time: Depoliticizing Nature in Museums and the Geopark.” Society of Hong Kong Studies Annual Conference 2022.

Art Writing 
“Singapore: Art ecologies in the making”
Asia Pacific Art Papers: Contemporary Contexts, Practices, Ideas published by the Australian Centre of Asia Pacific Art (ACAPA), in association with ‘The 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art’, organised by the Queens Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA), Brisbane, Australia

Republished in IN SUSPENSION (Singapore: Hothouse, 2022).

“Words into Compost: Pullulations against cascades of crises”
Out of isolation series, Perspectives Magazine, National Gallery Singapore

Republished in Can, Cannot, and Other Options (2021), edited by Wayne Lim and Soh Kay Min

“The Migrant Ecologies Project: Railtrack Songmaps Roosting Post 2”
ArtAsiaPacific 118, May/June 2020

“Imagined Beings of a Nation”
Global Performance Studies 2, no. 2

“With Scars: On ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Ian Tee”
Art and Market

“Zheng Bo or the Erotics of Plants”
Art Basel Stories

“Hong Kong Roundup”
Art Agenda

“Guilty Pleasures (2007-)”
Catalogue for Song-Ming Ang: Music for Everyone: Variations on a Theme, Singapore Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2019

“A Beast Named History”
Exhibition essay for Hsu Chia Wei: Giant Panda, Deer, Malayan Tapir and East India Company at Museum of National Taipei University of Education
Chinese translation

“The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia, vol. 9: R for Rhombicuboctahedron”
Ho Tzu Nyen

“Solid are the Winds: Aeolian Encounters at the 9th Asia Pacific Triennale”
Part I
Part II 

“Forget the Future: the 6th Guangzhou Triennale”
Ran Dian

“Makeshift Histories: Hsu Chia Wei”
ArtAsiaPacific, Jul/Aug 2018

“Aida Makoto: The video of a man calling himself Japan’s prime minister making a speech at an international assembly, 2014”
Artist text in Two Houses: Politics and histories in the contemporary art collections of John Chia and Yeap Lam Yang, edited by Bala Starr and Melanie Pocock (Singapore: Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2018)

“On Listening to Linguistic Rainforests: Review of 667
Cinémathèque Quarterly, National Museum of Singapore

“Why This World”
Exhibition text for “Because, The Night” by Heman Chong

“Ghosts and Spectres: Shadows of History” at NTU Centre for Contemporary Art

“The Nature Museum: The Institute of Critical Zoologists” at 72-13

“Regional Departures: An Interview with David Teh on Misfits: Pages from a Loose-Leaf Modernity

“To-Do List for the End of the World”

“Looking at Institutions Look at Themselves: NTU CCA and NUS Museum”

“Class Conflict: Review of “Those Who Can’t, Teach” by The Necessary Stage

“Tan Pin Pin’s “In Time to Come”: On the Edge of a Snow-Globe Starburst”

“Letting the World Flood Through: Notes from The Lav Diaz Retrospective”
Singapore International Festival of Arts Blog

“Not Never Enough: Films on Recent Political Histories in Southeast Asia and the Politics of Commensurability”
Asian Film Archive